Exterior Wash Only   $75 - $150

•          Exterior hot foam cannon with a gentle hand wash & dry. 

•          Complete tire and wheel cleaning/shine application. 

•          Special attention to emblems and tight spots.


Add Liquid Armour Ceramic Crystal Creme for additional fee. It adds high gloss and beads water for a better than wax finish. It is durable super slick protection that lasts up to 1 year!

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Full Clean $180 cars, $200-$250 small/midsize SUV's $300 Trucks $350 HD or SD Trucks

This is a full inside and out cleaning top to bottom

•          Exterior hot foam cannon with a gentle hand wash 

•          Clay bar decontamination/Chemical decontamination 

•          Tire and wheel cleaning/shine application. 

•          Wax applied

•          Interior vacuuming/shampooing 

•          Chrome polishing

•          Trim restored

•          Cleaning & protection of all interior surfaces

**Note: Actual price is determined on condition of vehicle

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Ceramic Coating 9h and One:1

Full Clean will be performed except for wax applied


Paint Correction with a compound and/or polish.


Surfaces coated with Liquid Armour will not allow dirt, break dust, bugs, or tar to stick to your car's finish. Helping to retain its showroom appearance permanently. The hydrophobic effect of the coating will cause water to bead up and roll off the surface. It is SGS tested, passed & certified for 9H scratch and 240hr salt corrosion resistance. For more info visit Ceramic Coating LA


5 year fully transferable warranty 


**Price depends on condition and size of vehicle will need to be inspected.**

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